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Frequent Asked Questions
Q.  How much of a notice is needed to conduct a sale?

A.  Normaly it takes a week from setup through sales end. To have one put on the schedule its best to do so as soon as you know. There are busier times of the year so getting on the schedule early locks in that time frame for your sale.

Q.  What do I need to do prior to the sale?

A.   Any and All items that you are keeping must be removed from the sale items inventory. Either removed from the property or in a designated room or area that can be secured away from buyers during the sale. It is always best to conduct a sale when the property is no longer occupied. It can be done if your still living in the home but makes it hard, some times impossible keeping items seperate.
Q.  Do I need to be present at the sale?

A.   No unless you want to be.  We prefer you not to be, this is why:
First, emotions can run high when you see yours or a loved ones items going out the door. This has a huge impact on many of the buyers and keeps them from buying. We have had many say they will not even attend if they know the seller is present. Also, our main purpose is to sell so we want to stay focused  without the extra distractions and conversation. After all, we were hired to do a job so please let us do what we know best. Your always welcome to stop in  to see how it is going and say hi.  :)

Q. Do you charge the same percentage if I have a special higher end item to sell?

A.  No, when there are items such as Motorized Vehicles, Rv's, Boats, Farm Tractors, etc. we charge 10%-15% on speciality items. Depending on what the item is we may do it as a bid item. We start with a minimum price and take bid offers up until the last sale day. We then contact the highest offer to setup a time (usually later that day) to finalize the sale. If test drives will be needed, we will staff an extra person to ride along with the possible buyers armed with the knowledge to answer any questions they may have.

Q.  Do you have a store front or place you sell items from when not doing a sale?

A.  No, as we feel this would be a conflict of interest. We are there to sell your items at the sale not later for our own personal profit. We do have an account with Ebay for the purpose of any item we believe would be more of a success and bring in a much greater profit.

Please contact us with any questions you may have no matter how small it may seem.


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We love what we do and strive to make every sale a success.
We care, and will continue to provide the AAA service you deserve!