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The Process Basics

After a contract is signed and we have access, the process begins with setting up for the sale. We provide all equiptment needed; Tables & Linens, Display case, Lighting, Tags, Bags, Signage, etc ...We will go through all rooms, closets, drawers, garage, storage areas, basements or any where items may be found. We will display for pricing to get you maximum profit. At this time, any personal items that are found (photos, paperwork, etc.) will be secured and put aside for you. We will also dispose of all the trash,  so we ask  that trash service be maintained until conclusion of the sale. Also, DO NOT donate or throw away anything prior to our starting day, let us determine if there is any value.  We  sell most anything from items in "junk drawers" , "nails and screws"  and beyond, as we believe it ALL adds up.
It is not just about getting the word out but getting it out to the right buyers! We will do all the advertising utilizing all possible means available in your area for maximum exposure to buyers.  Via the internet to major selling sites, Craigslist, Facebook and other social media, small locale town paper, emails sent out from our extensive signup list, and flyers when appropriate. Also, a banner & flags are placed out front and signs are placed in the neighborhood and intersections directing people right to the location. We will do our best to price each item using our experience and knowledge and reaching out to our networking partners if needed. We work on a percentage basis off of the total sales made (most cases 30%-35%) to give you the assurance were working to get the best possible price on every item.
Then a 2-4 day sale is held. The amount of days and how many staff members is determined by the amount of merchandise and the size of the premises. We except cash & Major credit Cards. Within 3 days a Cashiers Check and Break down sheet of sales event will be mailed out to you. Any items that did not sell is up to you with what you would want and is determined at time of signing. You can ask they remain and you will take care of it or we can arrange for them to be picked up and hauled away or donated. There is no charge to you and if donated you are provided with the donation slip. We then leave the home "floor swept" and  ready for you.